Pawsitive Action Foundation
All proceeds STAY in our community and directly benefit the mission of
Pawsitive Action Foundation, Inc. Pawsitive Action is a 501c3 registered charity organization. Donations are tax deductible.

Pawsitive Action Foundation, is a self supporting 501 c 3 non profit organization relying 100% on fund raising, donations and the income raised at
our veterinary clinic and mobile vaccination clinics to support our programs. We greatly appreciate the communities support

The funds received through our veterinary clinic and our mobile vaccination clinics directly benefit the efforts and mission of Pawsitive Action.
WE LOVE new ideas. Contact us and join our volunteer team!
Mission Statement:
Pawsitive Action Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that improves the lives of persons with various disabilities by providing highly trained
Assistance Dogs. Through our association with volunteers, veterans, our public and private education system and community we are able to place
all dogs at no cost to the recipient and provide lifetime followup and support.  We educate the public about the care, training,and value of all dogs
as companions and Assistance Dogs while providing direct educational and clinical support for area high schools' Veterinary Assistance and
Science programs.
Pawsitive Action breeds (on a limited basis) quality Goldens, Labradors and Australian Shepherds, places pups in raiser homes, provides training
and veterinary care and places them with persons with various disabilities. Professional trainers, volunteers, veterans and the Students at HHS
help care for and train these amazing dogs. We evaluate and use appropriate rescued dogs for our Assistance Dog program too!

Our Organization also rescues abandoned dogs in need of new loving homes. We provide needed medical care and training for the pet before they
are placed in new homes. Their new families are required to attend educational classes to ensure their new pet is well mannered, increasing the
success of the adoption. Students, Volunteers and Veterans are actively involved in the training and socialization of our dogs.

Pawsitive Action Foundation, Inc. values our association with Florida's public and private education system and our community to accomplish our
We are a 501c3 non profit organization
Harmony High School students with future Assistance dogs in training
Please make a tax deductible donation to Pawsitive Action Foundation.
100% of your donation benefits the program, dogs and students!
Pawsitive Action maintains a network of pet professionals: shelters, foster homes and rescue organizations willing to help people and their pets
Sat. Dec 20th, Jan 17th, Feb 21st
Check In 8:00am to 9:00 am First come first serve. 25 Cats will be accepted for neutering.
$25.00 neuter $5.00 Rabies         
Available for you and your family
Trained Assistance Dogs and Dog Training Classes
training lessons for family pets and potential therapy or assistance dogs
We need your help to continue providing valued services to the public. All expenses are paid for by public and private donations or fund-raising
efforts of PAF volunteers.
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about Assistance Dogs
Harmony High School Veterinary Assisting Program   CLICK HERE for more info
Dog Training Classes
Basic Manners, Advanced
Manners, Canine Good Citizen,
Therapy Dog and Assistance
Dog Classes
All Classes
classes are indoors

4965 Ralph Miller Rd
Friday Classes 12-12
6:30 pm Beginners Class
7:30 pm Advanced Class
CGC/Service/Therapy dogs

4965 Ralph Miller Rd
Saturday Classes 12-13
10:00 AM Beginners Class #2
Bring your dogs
9:00 AM Level 2 Advanced
CGC/Service/Therapy dogs